Salmon Plus Supplement

with Wild Alaskan Salmon, Pollock & Whitefish

guarantees per tsp

  • 1104MG Omega-3 Fatty Acids
  • 598MG EPA
  • 368MG DHA
  • 32MG ALA
  • 92MG Omega-6 Fatty Acids
  • 1150MG Omega-9 Fatty Acids


Guaranteed Analysis

The Most Complete Source of Omega-3 Fatty Acids


With a blend of wild Alaskan fish oils, this Omega-3 supplement delivers our highest levels of EPA & DHA  to support your pet’s heart, organs, nerve-based functions including cognition and vision, immune system, fertility, and a healthy skin and coat.


Grizzly Salmon Plus is derived only from wild-caught, sustainably harvested, deep-water Alaskan sources—fish that have spent their entire lives foraging on a native, nutrient-rich diet. The resulting oil contains a balanced blend of valuable Omegas, as well as inherent antioxidants and vitamins.


The oils for Grizzly Salmon Plus™ are extracted from human-grade fish, thanks to our founder’s ingenious idea of co-locating our extraction plants alongside human-grade fish processing plants.

Rather than catching (or farming) fish to make our oils, we utilize all of the wild-caught, human-grade fish not already destined for human consumption, which respects precious marine resources while ensuring your pet receives the highest quality fish oil possible.

Simple To Use

Add to your dog’s or cat’s food. Use consistently on a long-term basis for best results. Feeding guidelines vary by bottle size (and pump size). See product label for specific directions for your pet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I supplement my dog or cat’s food with Grizzly Salmon Oil™?

Daily supplements of Grizzly Salmon Oil™ helps support your pet’s overall health—including skin and coat, immune system, heart, cognition, fertility, vision, and other nerve-based functions.

Can my puppy or kitten use Grizzly Salmon Plus Oil?

Starting puppies and kittens out with a healthy balance of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids is a great way to ensure proper nutrition, which can contribute to a healthy life. We recommend using approximately one-half of the smallest dosage (indicated on the bottle label) on your puppy’s or kitten’s food every day. You may want to ask your veterinarian about specific dosages.

How many pumps of oil are in a bottle?

It will depend on the size of bottle that you purchase. Here are approximate numbers:

4 oz. bottle = 57 pumps
8 oz. bottle = 114 pumps
16 oz. bottle = 133 pumps
32 oz. bottle = 267 pumps
64 oz. bottle = 534 pumps

What part of the fish is used to make the oil?

Mainly from the heads and the frames left after filleting, along with a small amount of whole fish.

What is the shelf life of the oil? Once I open the bottle, do I have to use it all in a specific amount of time? Should I refrigerate the oil?

Bottles can be stored away from sunlight at room temperature, or you can refrigerate if desired. Unopened, our oil is good for at least 20 months. Opened bottles should be used within 90 days of opening.