Pollock Oil Supplement

with Wild Alaskan Pollock

guarantees per teaspoon

  • 1000MG Omega-3 Fatty Acids
  • 540MG EPA
  • 275MG DHA
  • 64MG Omega-6 Fatty Acids
  • 1150MG Omega-9 Fatty Acids


Guaranteed Analysis

With EPA for Healthy Skin & Lustrous Coat


Our wild pollock oil boasts a very high content of the Omega-3 fatty acid EPA and a very low Omega-6 content—making it ideal to support a healthy skin and coat—which is often the main reason veterinarians refer pet owners to fish oil supplements. 


Living in the pristine, icy cold waters of the Bering Sea, wild Alaskan Pollock is an excellent and sustainable source of fish oil rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. It is also used worldwide as the primary source for high-quality white fish products.


Grizzly Pollock Oil boasts an Omega-3/6 ratio in the range of 13 to 14—one of the highest ratios in fish oils—close to wild salmon oil in efficacy, and far higher than farmed salmon oil (which has a typical Omega-3/6 ratio range as low as 2 to 3).

Simple To Use

Add to your dog’s food. Use consistently on a long-term basis for best results. Feeding guidelines vary by bottle size (and pump size). See product label for specific directions for your pet.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pollock, and why did you use it for oil?

Pollock is typically known as the primary source for high quality white fish products worldwide. Similar to wild Alaskan salmon, wild Alaskan Pollock is an excellent and sustainable source of fish oil rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, at a more affordable price point than wild Alaskan salmon oil. Offering an alternative to Salmon Oil is another reflection of our commitment to sustainable ocean practices.

How many pumps of oil are in a bottle?

It will depend on the size of bottle that you purchase. Here are approximate numbers:

  • 4 oz. bottle = 57 pumps
  • 8 oz. bottle = 114 pumps
  • 16 oz. bottle = 133 pumps
  • 32 oz. bottle = 267 pumps
  • 64 oz. bottle = 534 pumps
What part of the fish is used to make the oil?

Mainly from the heads and the frames left after filleting, along with a small amount of whole fish.

What is the shelf life of the oil? Once I open the bottle, do I have to use it all in a specific amount of time? Should I refrigerate the oil?

Bottles can be stored away from sunlight at room temperature, or you can refrigerate if desired. Unopened, our oil is good for at least 20 months. Opened bottles should be used within 90 days of opening.

Is the oil meant to be consumed right away after it’s pumped onto my dog’s food?

It is fine for the oil to soak into the kibble if your pet doesn’t eat all of it right away. To be safe, dispose of it if the pet hasn’t eaten it by the next day.